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Alexia Rose, Lil Gordon & Da Only Plug Inks a Deal with Equity, Roc Nation's Indie Distro Platform

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Independent artists Lil Gordon and Da Only Plug shares the limelight with industry artists as they ink a Publishing Deal with Equity Distribution this week!

Dajon Tee (Dajon Tee Management), was more than enthused to share this recent win from EQ Distribution as they take two of the strongest artists on her roster to another realm of music distribution.

Queen Vonnie V of theBEAT Hip Hop and R&B Show spoke to Dajon Tee and confirmed that there are more surpises in store this year from her brand. Her unwaivering commitment to every artist she manages rises to the top as she talked about her take on stardom and success in the music industry;

“It’s never about me, but about my team. With 4 artists, a photographer, and a producer, I’ve got a well oiled machine and i plan to continue to kick barriers DOWN in the Carolinas and beyond.”

Da Only Plug, Dajon Tee, Lil Gordon
Courtesy of Dajon Tee Management

In another conversation, Lil' Gordon and Da Only Plug explained their continuous drive for success and how they came about this distribution deal.

Lil Gordon, an Orangeburg, SC native shares:

"We started at the bottom. From the jump , I could always see us at the top when we land. We move, but with Dajon we go 3x harder!"

Da Only Plug, supported Lil Gordon's comment on their manager:

“Bar for Bar, Im a DOG! I just wanna rap and make my sons proud. Dajon MAKES SURE I do JUST that.”

A powerful message came from Alexia Rose as she comments:

"I do what I do so we can start speaking about the unspoken. I'm really thankful that distro deal will help me deliver my message".

Launched in March of 2018, Equity Distribution counts emerging and veteran acts like Tameka "Tiny" Harris, her son King, Mariahlynn, Vado, Tangina Stone, Chanel West Coast, and Jadakiss' SoRaspy label among its clientele, with an aim for these independent artists to gain significant exposure through worldwide distribution while retaining ownership of their masters.

Krystian Santini, who was involved in

JAY-Z's 4:44 and recently A&Red Jaden'sERYS, serves as president of Equity Distribution. PRN hopped on the phone with Santini, who shared what people—prospective clients included—should know about the platform, including the benefits of aligning with Equity. His statements on this Indie Distribution Brand venture, lightly edited and condensed for clarity, is below.

For someone who's put music out before and doesn't know how distribution works or has used distribution, it's sort of like the other distribution services, except that once we've signed you up, we'll provide tactical support. So, you sign up for the service, we bring you in on a contract where you own your masters. There would just be a brief licensing period, and the split would be on par with the other distribution services, where you'd keep a majority of the net profits, but we'd split profits.

Santini hopes that in five years, Equity will be the home for independent artists, for emerging artists. He specifically wants it to be a platform for them and for Equity to have staples throughout the year, like showcases, possibly a festival, or a stage at a festival. Which are very clear ways where artists can see that EQ is the brand that helps emerging artists build up.


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