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Dustin Chapman Set To Release an Emotional New Single; "Plus One"- A Song About Broken Relationships

You have heard Dustin Chapman on EMERGE! Indie Show with his single “Lead The Way", and Dustin is just getting started as he is set to release his brand new single “Plus One” on August 31st 2019.

Speaking about his upcoming release, Dustin said:

“This song talks about a relationship falling apart after one of the spouses has an affair. “The line chorus says“ you keep on laying your head on my pillow, turn and expect me to hold on to all of that past love that’s undone by you and your plus one and I’m supposed to be here okay, but it’s not that way.” Which basically speaks of the one who is having the affair expecting the other in the relationship to not have a problem with how thing have turned out, but obviously they do.”

This country ballad song offers it's listeners a heartfelt musical experience featuring lyrics that will pluck your heartstrings.

Dustin delivers a warm & soulful vocal that we love. His performance brings the passion and life to this emotional piece and allows it's listeners to connect with the song from the moment Dustin lays the first verse.

In summary, we are happy to hear another superb, well created musical piece from Dustin. I believe that Dustin is set to create another musical milestone that highlights his creativity as an artist. I don’t am most certain that we will see Dustin at the CMA Awards very soon!

About Dustin Chapman

A life Steeped in Sound and Obstacles

There are many people in this world who find music therapeutic, myself included. I had always had a passion for singing since I joined choir in middle school, but never did I realize just how vital music was to my individuality. It was during my senior year in high school, when I first began experiencing issues due to a rare disease, Achalasia, that I truly discovered the power music possesses—the power it has to restore brokenness, encourage hopefulness, and breathe life into the lifeless. During my trials with sickness, I’d sing. When I felt anxious about an upcoming test or procedure, I’d sing. I learned that music had the ability to give me words when I felt as if I had nothing to say, and this is when I decided to pursue a career in music. After making this decision, I knew I had to enter a place of vulnerability that would allow my audience members to do the same. So, I broke down emotional barriers and began showcasing music’s abilities to help me overcome, music’s abilities to help so many others overcome, and what I truly hope people see is that there is a beauty and power that music possesses that can help them overcome as well. With that in mind, I try to write songs that balance various subjects, songs that express heartbreak and frustration, highlight joy and happiness, and tackle serious topics with feel-good melodies which ultimately showcase that there’s reason to search for ways to achieve prosperity through hardships. Though young, I have experienced numerous hardships which I am now holding close and carrying with me far and wide to show the world that individuals set their own obstacles and we all have the power to achieve anything we set our mind to.

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