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Join our newest Host, #HBIC aka #Songbird  spinning tunes for your ear candy on her new show #midweekmadness - Wednesdays at noon ET! 


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Meet Your Host

Lori  Lynne.   She’s  the Texas  Born, self  taught  Country/Rock/Blues Artist slash  Radio Personality  known  as  #HBIC / the  SongBird. With  the intention of  going  to  a  studio  and recording some cover songs,   who knew that 5 years later she’d end up releasing 2 top  Multiple Award  Winning Albums  that include  songs  which  she  has  written, co- written, produced, & co-produced!

While  creating  quite  a  name  for  herself  while  holding  steady  at  the  #1 spot  on ReverbNation  &  being  the  top  requested  Female  Artist  on numerous  Indie  Radio Stations, Lori  Lynne  has  also  collaborated  with Indie  Musicians  from  around  the globe  including Sami  Murphy  from Texas, Icelandic  Country Artist  Axel  Omarsson, and Nashville Producer Bob McGilpin. Her  first  album,  SongBird  released  August  13th,  2015.       She  and  producer  Billy Hillman  put  this  little  gem  together  at  HillTrax Studios  in  Huntsville,  TX  which includes  covers  from  the  incredible  works  from  Texas  Native,  Mark  Jungers, and Micah Sims as well as some of her own originals.

At the beginning of 2016, Lori Lynne partnered with SongWriter, Scott McCarley, on 4 of  his original  tunes. During  her  FIRST  trip  to  Nashville  in September  2017,  the SongBird teamed  up  with  some  of  her  long  awaited favorite  Feathered  Fans  and Artists, Steve  Owen &  Bob  McGilpin  along with  the  talented  Songwriter  Mellanie Randall  &  Don  Haddock.      
Released  on  her  birthday  in  2017,    her  newest  album perfectly  titled, #beINDIEpendent,  made  quite  an  impression  on  the  Indie  Scene. Walking in  to  the  Josie  Music Awards  in  2018  with  seven  nominations  and  walking out  winning  the  FEMALE  VOCALIST  OF  THE  YEAR  AWARD  has  (literally)  branded herself as an unforgettable Female Independent Artist.

‘Some artists may have started their career at a very young age. But for me, my Journey may have come later, but I'm just gettin warmed up.’ - Lori Lynne


And now, the SongBird is back behind the mic chirping her catch phrase “Spinnin Tunes for the Planet’s Ear Candy” for a new venture with the Phoenix Radio Network.


‘I love supporting Humans who are responsible for getting me through good and bad times-it’s their music that they create that I listen to that puts me in my happy bubble.  So, in return, I help them by spinning their songs so they can get HEARD. ‘ - Lori Lynne